antique furnitureIt is extremely important when setting a price on antique furniture that is be done carefully. If one does not appraise an item fairly, the owner could potentially stand to lose a great deal. The condition of the item is a big impetus in this process; a pristine mint condition item is definitely worth much more than an item that has been carelessly stored and suffered water damage and scratches. Antique dealers look for the naively priced items in mint condition. This is where the seller has no clue as to the real value and may greatly under value the piece they decide to sell.

To fairly set a market price that will appeal to both the seller and buyer – one must look seriously at the items age, style, size and origin. In the beginning, like anything, one needs to seek advice and second opinions as to how setting a price tag on an antique article they plan to sell in order to get close to the full value in return. If you go it alone in the beginning, learning from experience, chances are you will leave a lot of money on the table for the buyer to take back. Money that by right belongs to you, but because you took an “I can do it myself” approach – it is not available to you, the buyer gets an awesome deal or should we say steal.

Do not worry, everyone starts in the same place not understanding the true value of their antique heirlooms, but in asking around and getting sound advice the knowledge over time builds and we become less naïve. Soon, with the sound advice we seek out – we become the expert and can begin to recognize those steals as well. It all begins with patience, research, asking the right questions, and soon you will be the one raking in the dough of a smart and wise investment. Never set the price yourself, without getting a sound appraisal as to the value of the item and listen to everything the appraiser tells you – this is the key to understanding how an appraiser arrives at the number given you.

It is time for you to that old tea set your grandmother owned, call an appraisal firm and ask for an appointment. Explain what you hope to accomplish with this information. The appraiser will have to see the item – don’t let it out of your sight. Then with this number in hand, add 25% of the appraisers quote and offer the item for sale at that price.