car insuranceSo recently I moved to a new city.  It’s about 3 hours from the city I used to live in and while I enjoy it much more, I had an epic saga of transferring all of my information to the new county and what not.  I had to update my driver’s license information, my renter’s insurance, all of my bank cards and accounts, my shipping addresses on all of the websites I use, and much more.  It’s all of these little things that we take for granted that we don’t realize are a major pain in the butt when 100 of them all pile on at once.  But, you do what you have to do.

Here is what I didn’t anticipate.  When I went to the local office in the new city for my insurance company to update my renter’s insurance, they said “good job!”  Obviously you have to have an up-to-date address for your new place of residence or you are protecting the wrong household.  I don’t really understand why that matters, but I’m sure it’s all a paperwork thing.  Which is why it surprised me when I found out that I needed to update my mailing and living address for my car insurance.  I chose this company because they offer such cheap car insurance, but this really caught me off guard.

It’s not like my car has some stationary address where it stays.  It’s all over town and it may get in a wreck 100 miles from my home, or 2 miles from my home.  But I can tell you where it won’t be wrecked… in my driveway!  I didn’t understand the reasoning and it doesn’t matter because it was a pretty simple ordeal to correct.  But I’m still happy because this is by far the best insurance company in the state I live in, and hwen I get all of my different insurance packages together from them, I get a discount and it’s all real simple.  So this is what I recommend to you!

If you need several types of insurance, from renter’s and property insurance to collision or even health insurance, find one company that can offer all of those to you together at a discounted rate.  If you never, and operative word being “if” since insurance is a big ‘what if’ game, if you never need the insurance, you’ll save an incredible amount of money by getting that discount.  All these different fees can add up, so save every bit of money you can.  A dollar here and there will be a fortune after 90 years of life, so don’t be frugal and a spendthrift.  Be a saver so you can spend your money on the fun and exciting things, like that new car you want!