It doesn’t matter how you ended up where you are. It doesn’t matter the past. Only fools measure someone’s future by their past, especially when dealing with real humans who make decisions. Most people want to make decisions to better their own situations, and that especially applies to people with bad credit, because that can get in the way of a lot of financial goals in life.

If you want to get a loan on a car or a loan on a home and you have bad credit, you are going to pay extremely high interest rates or be told no flat out. That’s not good at all. So what do you do if you have bad credit and you need a loan real quick? If you need loans with bad credit, I’d definitely recommend trying to find a family member or a friend who is capable of making you a very low or no interest rate loan. That is your absolute best way to do it. For instance, I recently loaned a friend $3,000 to which he could pay me back as slowly as he needed, because I know he is good for it. He has been slowly chipping away at it and I know without question that I will receive the money I am owed, and no extra, because I am nice like that. You know people who would do the same for you, I’m sure.

bad credit loansI’d recommend not taking any kind of high interest short-term loan like a payday loan. Those kind of loans have to be returned almost immediately and you will lose a good bit of money right off the bat. At least 15% if the company is playing fair, and even more if they are cheats. There will be all kinds of hidden fees and late charges that you don’t see coming. Don’t go for this kind of deal.

Another bad move is to start taking out credit cards and maxing them out. That is a recipe for disaster if I’ve ever seen one. It’s tempting to do it and then only make the minimum payment but you end up with an outstanding principal that ends up costing you on-going interest for quite some time.

This is how it is done. People prey on those who are in bad situations financially. Don’t become a victim to this. There are people who will give you a loan if your credit isn’t all-together, but you have to reach out and find them. Don’t just go to the first and most easy place, because they make it easy on purpose.