Many people today are interested in finding new ways of making money. There are some people that might want to make some more money by getting a new job. This is one of the more simple ways of making more money. Another way to make money would be to get a promotion. Some people are so desperate to make more money that they get two full-time jobs!

While this a good way of making a significant amount of money, you should know that there are also other ways of doing it. Some people try going the route of getting a loan, while there are others who would rather just get a credit card.  While having a credit card gives you access to money you wouldn’t have had otherwise, it is important to check the interest rate on a credit card before using it.

Some interest rates are so high that you end up paying hundreds of dollars extra! Luckily there are interest free credit cards to help ensure you aren’t paying extra. Just like shopping for clothes or cars, you should always look for the best deal when searching for interest free credit cards.  Some interest free credit cards offer no perks, while others allow you to earn points and rewards! If you are looking to sign up for an interest free credit card, here are some of the best.

Interest Free Credit Cards – Explanation of the Best

interest free credit cardsFirst, let me explain what exactly interest free credit cards are. Some credit cards charge you an extra 20% or more on each purchase, but interest free credit cards make it so that you never pay extra. This means that when it comes to paying back your debt you won’t have to give a dime more than you spent! One such credit card is the Citi Platinum Select Master Card.

This is a really awesome credit card because you won’t have to pay any money to sign up, plus it is interest free. If you are really scared of the annual interest that you might have to pay for a credit card then you should definitely go with this one because it has 0% interest! There is also the Discover More Card.

This is a credit card that has some of the same deals as the previous one, but this one has even more perks! You will have no interest to pay for 15 months and even after that you will be given the choice to get a variable interest on it. Besides this you will also get from time to time a 5% bonus. This means that on every purchase you make, you’ll get 5% of your money back! You will also have access to balance transfer. You should know that there are a number of cards out there if you are not interested in the one from Master Card or the one from Discover. They will surely allow you to use them the way that you see fit!

Interest Free Credit Cards – Easiest Option

An easy option is to go to your own personal bank and ask what interest free credit cards they may have available to you. You will be able to make a request to get an interest free credit card, and you should be able to get one quite easily! As with all credit cards, you should use interest free credit cards carefully because they will still impact your credit score.  Remember though, just because they are interest free doesn’t mean they are free credit cards.  They could have enrollment fees, although these should be negligible.