Competition has always been good for the human race. In every area of our lives, the existence of competition makes things better as it brings out the best in us. This is true for every aspect in our lives. In class, competition motivates people to work harder to get better grades; at work, knowing that if we do not perform well, somebody else may take that top spot that we have been eyeing makes us strive to be more effective and efficient and this also works at home where members of the family either strive to outdo each other in respect of a particular virtue or in an aspect of life. This also works when it comes to business where competition makes service providers to look for ways to provide better services than the next competitor.

Interest Free Credit Cards for 24 Months – Efficient

Interest Free Credit Cards for 24 Months

Competition in the business world, as ugly as it may be, always makes the service providers to be more efficient and effective. In that equation, there is always one person who comes out as the winner. The person who always benefits from competition is always the average consumer. As each and every service and product provider tries to get his or her attention, the consumer gets to enjoy not only better services but also better prices. This is true even for the banking sector where the banks are providing more varied financial services tailored or the various needs of their customers.

In recent times, banks have gone to great lengths to reduce the amount f interest rates charged on the amounts that their customers owe them. In an attempt to attract and keep more customers, they have given better deals to their customers with decreasing rates of interest with some even offering interest free credit cards for 24 months.

Interest Free Credit Cards for 24 Months – Time

A case in point is the recent offer of interest free credit cards for 24 months offered by Barclaycard to its customers. It is speculated that this offer of interest free credit cards for 24 months was in response to one of its rivals offering an almost similar deal but for the duration of the period. This is definitely good for their customers since this means that the will not have to worry about the high credit card interest rates that is normally associated with credit cards. It also makes repaying the credit card debt far much easier since the debt will not be increasing during the 24 months within which the customer owes the bank the money.

Interest Free Credit Cards for 24 Months – Offer

The offer of interest free credit cards for 24 months will definitely attract many people to the bank as they seek to reduce their debt burdens. However, some analysts are a little bit skeptical about how healthy the ‘interest free credit cards for 24 months’ offer is for the average person. Some argue that this kind of offer will only lure the consumers more into debt by making them spend more of their money on things that are not necessities because they will tend to think that they are making a saving. In other words, the ease of access to debt facilities will be to the detriment of the consumer and only to the benefit of the bank offering such attractive deals.  There are other free credit cards you should look into as well for differing types of benefits