The e-commerce is so popular today that most general businesses have also decided to go online. Other than that, there are plenty of web stores that dominate specific markets for decades. With all these, whenever you decide to purchase something over the Internet, you are a little anxious about sharing your private information. There are, of course, a few names that specialized in online banking, but this aspect can barely make you a little less anxious.

Besides, those who have never relied on the online market for shopping will always feel like they are taking a risk. Many consumers, however, rely on two credit cards. One of them is never shared with anyone, while the other one is specifically used to be shared. But after all, you still give out your personal information. In order to deal with this preconception of yours, there is a good solution that is quickly gaining popularity – free virtual credit cards.

Free Virtual Credit Cards – Online Shopping

Free Virtual Credit CardsThe free virtual credit cards are exclusively created to be empty. Basically, they are never used to store any cash. They are meant to be the second options that have nothing to do with the main cards. What is the difference then? Well, obviously the risks are way lower. Since this card is almost always empty, what is the chance to get hacked? Whenever you decide to purchase something over the Internet, you recharge it and make the payment. Of course, there is still a little risk between these two operations, but it is insignificant. If an unexpected situation arises, you will only use the money for the transaction and not your “stash”. With all these, you still have to take a look at the monthly payments and reports, just to make sure everything goes on according to the plan.

Free Virtual Credit Cards – Payments

So, what do you do if you are suspicious about your payments? Luckily for you, most banks and lending institutions provide their customers with unlimited free virtual credit cards. At the same time, others only give out one or two cards, so make sure you know what options you have before signing up. Another great advantage of these free virtual credit cards is that you can delete them anytime you feel suspicious. If you feel like, you may create a new virtual card whenever you plan to buy something online, then delete it. Any suspicion, anxiety or paranoia feelings give you this right.

Free Virtual Credit Cards – The Search

Now, one of the problems when opting for free virtual credit cards is that most of them are not free, so you might search for months. Most lending institutions require small annual fees. However, they are not too important. Other institutions charge per transaction. It is up to you to decide which option is better for you. One of the drawbacks of  free virtual credit cards is the long time to process. In most of the cases, setting up a card might take a few days. Charging it might take at least one more day. So this is not right if you need an urgent payment.  Look at other types of free credit cards too for more options.