The fact that there are many scams in the world today has made us to be very cautious about deals which seem to be too good to be true. While there are some people who might actually believe that someone can be offered hundreds of dollars in free money, most of the people would naturally be wary of such an offer, especially people who have been victims of con artists. However, with the increasing competition in the markets today, free offers are nothing new to most of us.

Today, we are accustomed to service providers doing almost anything to get us buying their products. One of the areas which have experienced an increasing amount of competition is the banking sector. They are constantly competing for the limited number of customers available in the market today. To effectively attract new customers as well as keep the ones they have, they are constantly coming up with varied financial packages tailored to meet the various needs of their customers.

Free Credit Cards with Money on Them – Attention Grabbing

Free Credit Cards with Money on ThemOne of the various ways through which financial institutions are trying to get a hold of people recently is through offering free credit cards with money on them. This is something which definitely gets the attention of the average person. The good news being that it is not a scam. Banks are actually offering free credit cards with money on them to their customers so as to encourage them to use more of the services that they provide. What this means is that taking advantage of these offers may mean that many credit card users may end up saving hundreds of dollars of real money.

Free Credit Cards with Money on Them – The Catch

However, like all things that the banks offer, there is a catch. The first reality of the kind of offers where banks are generous enough to give free credit cards with money on them to their customers, not all people qualify to get the free offers. Something to always remember is that the banks are in business and their priority is making money and not giving it away. The first condition that most banks require to be fulfilled is that the person making the application should have an excellent credit rating. This locks out a sizeable number of people who may actually need these offers.

There are also conditions with regard to the free credit cards with money on them offered by the banks which require one to charge a specified amount, usually a large sum, on the card within the first months of card usage. This means that people who cannot afford to charge these sums on their credit cards will not be able to reap the benefits of the free credit cards with money on them.

Free Credit Cards with Money on Them – Bonus

Another issue with the cards which come with bonus offers has to do with the annual fees that the user of the card will have to shoulder. Since banks are always in the business of making money, they never really give out things for free. You will have to pay annual fees for use of the card.

This does not mean that the credit cards are bad, for people who qualify for them, these free credit cards are really good.