car insuranceCar insurance is made to protect drivers in the case of damages to the person or their vehicle. The laws put forth in regard to auto insurance sets certain lowest limits of liability, which means that if someone damages your property or your person that there is an amount of responsibility that has to be assumed by the driver at fault.

There are certain aspects of car insurance that are required for all drivers under these laws. The main requirement in most states is that all drivers have liability insurance. Liability insurance is used to protect a driver from causing, through damages to a person or their property, from financial disaster through car repair, replacement, and hospital bills from injuries sustained in an accident. In the same way, this requirement of liability insurance can protect you if you were not at fault and another driver injures you or causes damage to your vehicle.

While the details of the minimum insurance laws can be slightly different in the 50 states of the union, all states require that drivers carry a minimum amount of liability insurance. It is important that you check the insurance laws in the state that you live in to make sure that you are following the law. The price of the legally required minimum for liability insurance differs from state to state as well, so getting car insurance quotes from multiple companies is wise. It is a responsibility to society that you carry liability insurance if you drive.

The liability insurance laws have been put in place so no one can cause irreversible monetary damage to anyone else in the case of an auto accident. Although you will not face any extreme repercussions if you decide to run the risk of driving without being properly insured, you will face fines if caught driving without it. If you cause any serious damage to another person or their vehicle and don’t have liability insurance, you will most likely be sued and spend quite a lot of money fighting court battles, all because you broke the law and were not responsible in society as a driver. You will still end up having to pay for the damages you caused along with the fines. You could also lose your license for a while, and will have a new mark on your criminal record.

Liability insurance is usually broken down into three numbers divided by slashes. This represents three different minimum amounts of liability if you cause an accident. These minimums differ from state to state, so check up on the laws for where you live. The first number represents “injury or death of one person.” The second number represents “injury or death of more than one person” while the third and last number represents “damage to property of another person.”

Along with having the liability insurance, most states require that you carry proof of having minimum insurance requirements and be able to produce this proof if operating a motor vehicle. Remember that these laws are in place to protect not only you, but also everyone else on the road. Carrying the legally required minimum for liability insurance is part of being a responsible member of society.