Free Credit Cards Dot Info is a site made generally about free credit cards of various types, but more specifically for people like me who managed to mess up their credit scores.  I paid the minimum payment for years.  Some months I didn’t pay at all.  My balance kept accruing more and more interest until it was almost possible to pay off any principal.  I am climbing out of this trap.  Having fallen into it was nobody’s fault but my own.  I was financially irresponsible and these are the type of people who fall prey to credit companies.  That is how credit companies earn their living.  This is for you, if you have bad credit already.  This is for you, if you don’t have any credit at all and want to ease into the credit game.  This is for you, if you are doing fine but want to increase your credit score by taking on more cards.  Please read the site and learn more about the possibilities.  Let me know if you have any suggestions or comments or feedback by emailing me through the contact page.  I appreciate all responses.  Best of luck to you in your financial adventures and endeavours!